For the first time since it was extracted 12 years ago, the Fura Emerald was exhibited during the Minergemas fair in Bogotá from the 16th to the 19th of June 2011.

This rough emerald of 15,000 carats (2.270 kg) from the Muzo mine is the biggest one in the world, up to five times larger than the famous Emerald Unguentarium on display in the Vienna Imperial Treasury. It was displayed during the fair with a huge collection of cut and rough emeralds.


The name of this emerald, Fura, comes from the legend of Fura – Tena. These were a queen and a king who reigned for a long time in the Muzo region. Tena committed suicide because of Fura’s infidelity, and her tears turned to emeralds. According to the legend, they were transformed into two mountains called Fura and Tena, located in the Colombian Andes.

The Tena Emerald is smaller than Fura. It weighs 2,000 carats but its color is brighter. This means that it is the most valuable emerald worldwide, much more that the brooch owned by Russian Empress Catherine the Great and sold at auction for USD 1,650,500 in 2010.