Muzo International will participate for the second time in the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, from September 19th to September 23rd 2011. The Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair is one of the main exhibitions for jewelry and precious gems. About 3’300 exhibitors from 45 countries present their products to over 44’000 international buyers and worldwide media representatives. The 130’000 square meters of exhibition space allows to offer an impressive choice of jewellery and gems.

Muzo will organize a presentation of some exceptional rough and polished gems at its AsiaWorld-Expo booth 9G34 in the Fine Gem Pavilion.

A virtual tour of the mine as well as some detailed information concerning the Muzo “Mine to Market” process will also be presented.

The HSEQ Department at the mine drew up objectives to achieve compliance with the legislation in Colombia in topics related to industrial safety, occupational health and environment. Now the Department has achieved the standards set by the Colombian legislation and is developing a management system of continuous improvement in occupational safety and health by taking as a principle the importance of human resources in the development of the company and its role in the organization.

The formation of the Joint Committee on Occupational Health has been a significant achievement that has created a space for workers in which they can express their concerns and opportunities for improvement directly to senior management and establish direct communication mechanisms to achieve the objectives by the company, creating a sense of belonging to employees and who are integral and functional part of the company to participate in the workshops.

Complementary programs are being developed Signaling, Closure of abandoned mines, reforestation, improvement of sanitary conditions, health campaigns and public health, focused on control of tropical diseases like yellow fever, dengue, leishmaniasis with work and vaccination training for adequate control of risk factors, such work is performed with local health authorities and regional health agencies.

Thanks to programs undertaken by the department and the company’s support for its implementation today we are the first and only company in the country’s emerald mining sector that has contributed statistical information to the General Risk System which allows measuring the behavior of our sector compared with other traditional sectors like coal mining, iron and other materials regarding industrial safety and occupational health.

Finally one of the greatest achievements of the HSEQ department is the creation of the education and training to employees on issues related to occupational health and safety, a goal that has had an impact because these issues were unknown to the 90% of the population. Today is gratifying to hear the employees talking about identifying hazards, assessing risks and controls generation, as well as reporting unsafe conditions, but the added value to this process is to observe how it has been creating a culture of self care in the company and awareness of the importance of mining in the development of the region.

Our goal is to create an organizational culture committed to sustainable mining development, which can promote personal and business growth in a responsible framework for the individual, our community and our environment.